artist residency: tarabya cultural academy

stefan goldmann is a fellow at tarabya cultural academy istanbul from june to september 2023.

lucaslavia: furnace

M70_cover_3000lucaslavia: furnace (macro m70), cd – out 28 april 2023.

exhibitions 2023

ghost hemiola NYU abu dhabi: phonography. 3-16.2.23
museu de la música barcelona: escoltar amb les mans. 27.04 – 10.12.23
gehäuse des unsichtbaren (with timm rautert): museo bombas gens valencia. 27.10.23-10.04.24

in aggregate / carob

M71stefan goldmann: in aggregate / carob (macro m71), 10″ – out 31 march 2023.

philharmonie berlin – strom festival 2023

philharmonie berlin invited stefan goldmann to curate the music institution’s second electronic music festival, as well as to perform the opening dj set in the extensive foyer of the berlin landmark. 

strom festival: 3 & 4 february 2023.

call and response

Ash 139 packshotstefan goldmann: call and response (ash international 13.9), cd – out 28 october 2022.
nine works for reverberation devices, impulse signals and feedback.


bleep mix #236

SG Mix


video by javier benjamín. taken from vector rituals (macro m65).

vector rituals

vector ritualsstefan goldmann: vector rituals (macro m65), 180g lp – out 6 may 2022

studio live at