anchors ep

anchorsstefan goldmann anchors ep (macro m44) 12″
out september 2015.

buy at bandcamp.

berghain column: sugar

the berghain column: stefan goldmann’s september 2015 piece for the berlin club’s flyer programme. 

berghain 09-2015

presets – digital shortcuts to sound

bookworm Stefan Goldmann‘s first book: in conversation with Robert Henke, Mike Daliot, Cory Arcangel, Michael Wagener, the Korg M1 developer team, Dinis Schemann and others – on presets, automation and genre-defining gear.

Bookworm, London 2015. Paperback, 220 pages. For details: click here. Available now – through direct order, from the Touch Shop, or Amazon DE, UK, USA and through many fine bookstores.

inverted audio techno mix

podcast. read the interview by tom durston here.

berghain 10

berghain 10
Carsten Nicolai in conversation with Stefan Goldmann.
Berghain 10, Hatje Cantz, DE. 208 pages. Published September 2015.

input: weimar and donaueschingen


weimar’s frühjahrstage festival has commissioned ‘input‘, to be performed on april 10, 2015. the work represents an inverted remix scenario, in which the ‘remix’ comes first and subsequently three composers envision their ‘originals’, backwards-engineering ensemble scores that are derived from the material embodied in the ‘remix.’ the composers involved are johannes k. hildebrandt, christian diemer and erik janson. the project’s first performance is at weimar spring festival

input will also be presented at upgrade festival donaueschingen through two of the backwards-engineered scores for ensemble by erik janson and johannes k hildebrandt.


industry stefan goldmann fall 2014: “0% sound design – 100% presets” 
industry (macro m40) – lp, cd, 3.5” midi floppy disk