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groove podcast & interview


berghain 10

berghain 10

carsten nicolai in conversation with stefan goldmann.
berghain 10 – art in the club, hatje cantz, de. 208 pages. published september 2015.

slices interview

feature taken from slices dvd magazine

atelier documentary

bnt bulgaria’s national television has filmed a documentary on kink and stefan goldmann for their atelier series. broadcasted on june 29 on bnt2 and bnt-world.

udk lecture

stefan goldmann will hold a lecture at universität der künste, berlin’s studium generale course on nov 20, 2012. see archive for details.

parameter – documentary film dvd


documentary film portrait of stefan goldmann. the dvd features interviews, exclusive studio sessions and insights into the premises of berlin electronic music institutions such as the hard wax record store and the d&m mastering studio.  

details: click here.

a film by michael schade & thomas kipke. interviews by tobias fischer.

quality is overrated: new essay for LWE

subtitled ‘the mechanics of excellence in music’, an essay for US fanzine little white earbuds examines how psychosocial factors influence what we listen to. limits of attention, snowballing effects, category positioning, cultural crystallisation, time factors and other concepts are discussed in depth. read here.

pdf download

essay: everything popular is wrong

everything popular is wrong – how to make it in electronic music despite democratization

an essay published with Little White Earbuds (now archived) on the  failure of digital ‘democratization’ and artistic strategies in an environment of mass access. beyond economics, strategies are discussed on how to leverage the competition’s uniform approach to aesthetics, promotion and distribution for your own fun and benefit as an artist.

the essay appeared originally in silo magazine. it has been reprinted in german with TAZ die tageszeitung and in czech, german and english by umelec magazine. a spanish translation was available at the indio website (mexico). 

resident advisor: the exchange

stefan goldmann in conversation with todd l. burns for resident advisor‘s the exchange podcast series.

on amza and re-tuning scales

stefan goldmann writes about the value of cultural transfer, pitchbend wheels, the genius of amza tairov and life beyond techno at