selected projects

site-specific works:
live at philharmonie berlin (site-specific performance / album)
live at honen-in temple (site-specific performance / album)
live at LACMA (site-specific audiovisual performance)

music theatre and dance:
alif (music theatre / multi-format performance)
the grand hemiola (commission for dance / format-specific work)

extending the scope of sampling:
17:50 (extracting tunings and intonation)
remiksz (erasing christian fennesz’s sample collection, sample by sample)

uncovering the core of media:
ghost hemiola (the medium without its content / emergent polymeter)
industry / presets (industrial pre-formatted aesthetics)

null and void (object-based audio arts: records within records)

alternative notation:
trails (beyond digital I: electronic composition for acoustic players)

comparative listening and quantitative aesthetics:
input (beyond digital II: electronic composition for ensemble, revealed through multiple scores)
le sacre du printemps edit (comparative interpretation and recording arts history)
macrospective / vinylism (comparative dj mixing / digitisation studies)

formal shift:
tacit script (designer scales)
vector rituals (irregular grids)
veiki (shifting the metric base of techno)

extended reality:
call and response (impossible architecture built with artificial reverb)

presets – digital shortcuts to sound (bookworm, london 2015 – 4th edition 2020)
berghain – kunst im klub (hatje cantz, berlin 2015) co-author
techno studies (b-books, berlin 2017) co-author

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