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film score: A1


soundtrack for swiss experimental documentary film A1.
premiere screening: march 12 at schauspielhaus zürich.
first broadcasted on srf in april 2016.
winner of the 2016 zürich television award.  

released by macro in october on cd/dl, accompanied by the A1 tools 12″ vinyl versions ep.


industry stefan goldmann fall 2014: “0% sound design – 100% presets” 
industry (macro m40) – lp, cd, 3.5” midi floppy disk

signs taken for wonders

signsstefan goldmann: signs taken for wonders (macro m36) 12″. out march 2014.

also: môme: heading feel – stefan goldmann remix (victoriaville) 12″. out april 2014.

video: click here.

l’estasi dell’oro

lesl’estasi dell’oro: iscariotic lips / reverse & repair (macro m35)

written & produced by christopher ernst, mixed and edited by stefan goldmann.

live at honen-in temple

live at honen in macro m33recorded live in concert in kyoto, japan. new CD out now on macro.

“voluptuos beauty.” (Q magazine)
“pulling sounds apart as if with his bare hands.” (the wire)
“strange, magical and brilliant.” (mixmag)
“as carefully tended as a Japanese garden.” (textura)


video: the outness queens

outness queens
stefan goldmann: the outness queens. music video directed by peter vulchev.

ghost hemiola

M22Rstefan goldmannghost hemiola
2×12″ set w/ 132 empty locked grooves. out now on macro.