vinylism compilation

vinyl sound for digital djs: with the beatport-exclusive vinylism compilation, derived from the tracks used in the macrospective mixes, macro covers some new ground again. read what this is about:

Macrospective – Vinylism enables digital DJs to play the key tracks of Macro with the sound of vinyl without actually having to carry around a box of records. All vinyl versions are direct transfers from mint vinyl copies of Macro’s carefully mastered and cut records. This allows for integrated mixing of digital formats and vinyl records without huge set offs in sound caused by switching between formats, granting DJs a new tool for enhanced performance and ultimate freedom of choosing and combining their tools.

The “vinyl effect” is often misunderstood: vinyl doesn’t have better resolution or dynamics than high end digital formats, but rather colours the sound in a specific way. Due to the mechanic interaction of needle and record, geometric distortion adds harmonics to the spectrum, causing a richer high end and an artificially enhanced stereo image. In addition, the low end is set to mono, often delivering a solidified bass foundation. Decreasing resolution from the outer side of the record to the inner end lets a new track mixed in by the DJ shine with a less reduced high end reproduction, adding perceived freshness to every new track coming in.

These effects are built in in Macro’s Vinyl Versions: played back on Technics decks with Ortofon needles and recorded using premium pre-amplification and AD conversion, they hold exactly the vinyl sound features you would get in a typical club set up. Hi Fi needles and studio turntables have explicitly been avoided in order to enable ultimate sound compatibility with vinyl in a club setting. With WAV files and high end conversion, the DJ has never been so close to the classic vinyl sound of the great club music tradition without actually being restricted by the physical record. This way the additional tools provided by cutting edge DJ software (including loops and edit options) become conveniently available to those who prefer the vinyl sound over clean digitally mastered tracks.

vinylism features tracks and remixes by: elektro guzzi, santiago salazar, peter kruder, raudive, kink, oni ayhun, pépé bradock, stefan goldmann and many others.

Available at BEATPORT.

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