the grand hemiola

Macro will release Stefan Goldmann’s first ever double 12″ vinyl. Featuring a set of 144 locked grooves, it has been specifically produced for this format.  This loop toolkit breaks out of the limitation of one 4/4 cycle and brings unique possiblities to create complex polyrhythms just with two decks and a mixer.

One record contains loops in 4/4, the other in 3/4 (employing the time differences of the rotation rates 33 and 45 rpm). In the mix, they sum up to an extended cycle of 3x 4/4 or 4x 3/4 and enable building complex “3 over 4” polyrhythms (“Hemiolas”).

In addition, sides A and C contain 6 full-length new tracks. “The Grand Hemiola” is a take on the infinite possibilities of rhythmic layering. Percussion-heavy, focussed on clashing metres, deeply exploring the sound set – from the orchestral “Grand Hemiola”, to the triplet-feel of “Megi’s Waltz”, from the 11/8 pattern of “Double Hendecagon” to the anti-loops of “Away From The Flock”.

(“The Grand Hemiola” is derived from a ballet by Stefan Goldmann, commissioned by Nationaltheater Mannheim and The Kevin O’day Company and premiered at Jetztmusikfestival 2010)

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